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We have created the Maskne Facial. A bespoke facial using our medical-grade skincare from ZO Skin Health. This facial has been created to tackle those breakouts!

Many clients are experiencing extra breakouts and finding their skin has changed. This could be down to having to wear masks most of the time. Our skin can’t breath, bacteria gets trapped, resulting in excess clogging.

What does The Maskne Facial involve?

This is a 40 minute treatment involves;

  • Double cleanse – using a cleanser suited to your skins needs. This will remove all the excess oil and dirt on the skin
  • Deep exfoliation using an accelerator – using a medical grade exfoliating polish. Magnesium crystals get deeper in the skin and remove dead skin cells and clogged pores. We also use an exfoliating accelerator to penetrate deeper into the skin. leaving the skin smooth with an even toned complexion
  • A Sulfur mask – a natural clay-based masque, comprising 10% sulfur, to treat and prevent acne, reduce sebum and calm any irritation. The masque absorbs excess surface oil and hydrates the skin
  • Led Light Therapy – using the blue LED light which is anti-bacterial. It will kill any bacteria on the skin which causes the breakouts
  • Product application – the facial is completed with a Daily Power Defense serum and a moisturiser to suit your skins needs and protected with an SPF, leaving the skin hydrated and protected.

Backne Treatment

Acne breakouts on the back is very common. Commonly known as ‘Backne’, this is an accumulation of bacteria, sweat, dead skin cells and excess sebum (oil). People tend to have backne breakouts as the weather gets warmer, more sweat is produced leading to clogged pores. The right treatment and skin care will help to keep Backne under control.

The Maskne Facial can also be performed on the back as well as the face. It will have all the great benefits as it does on the face.

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About The Treatment

Procedure Time

40 Minutes

Recovery Time




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Same day

Duration Of Results

No. Of Treatments

Single or 3-4 weeks interval as a maintenance treatment
Treatment Cost
The Maskne Facial £50
Backne Treatment £90