Our ALLSKINMED Product Range

ALLSKINMED by Cantabria Labs is a skincare range with a simple philosophy: which is to make clients feel great in their skin and boost their skin confidence.

ALLSKINMED acts on all layers of skin using core active technologies that work together in perfect synergy to treat ageing, photo-damaged and tired skin.

Working at every layer of the skin enables the most effective treatment for skin for both short and long term results, leaving skin with a luxurious skin-loving feel. No downtime, just great results.

ALLSKINMED features 6 core active technologies, derived from patented ingredients that are the result of years of research and development, harnessing the power and nature and backed by science.

  1. RETINOIDS – powerful retinoids with gradual release for maximum efficiency and skin tolerance.
  2. GROWTH FACTORS – SCA-PRO is a patented technology based on the purified extract of the snail Cryptomphalus aspersa, rich in growth factors it delivers targeted dermal rejuvenation.
  3. AHA’s – alpha hydroxy acids with immediate and sustained release to deliver progressive epidermal exfoliation
  4. VITAMIN C – for optimal skin brightening and skin-loving antioxidants to boost skin protection.
  5. ANTI-POLLUTION – EDAFENCE, a patented extract of the antarctic grass, proven to help prevent skin damage caused by pollution and proved powerful antioxidant activity.
  6. DAYLIGHT PROTECTION – FERNBLOCK is a patented extract from the fern Polypodium leucotomos and is proven to help prevent cellular damage caused by sunlight.