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Mole Removal In Gravesend, Kent

Minor surgery performed by retired GP with 30 years experience in minor surgery procedures and skin cancer surgery

If you require mole removal in Kent it would be best to arrange a mole consultation at our clinic, this will allow Dr Patel to assess the area and advise the best method of mole removal. Consultations with Dr Patel are charged but redeemable against the cost of treatment.


Hyfrecation is primarily used for small raised mole (often known as dermal naevi), skin tags and warts.  The hyfrecation process uses micro-currents of electricity to heat small treatment tips which, when applied, destroy the target skin or the blood supply feeding a lesion.

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About The Treatment

Procedure Time

30 Minutes

Recovery Time

Scabbing for 3-5 days



Back To Work

Same day

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Questions & Answers

Mole removal is only carried out under local anaesthetic. It’s a very quick and straightforward procedure and takes about 30 minutes.

It is possible to have non-cancerous moles removed purely for aesthetic reasons. A dermatologist or plastic surgeon would be able to do this for you. Obviously, anything that is potentially removed from the skin can leave a scar, but moles are commonly removed for cosmetic purposes.

It’s very common to get more moles as you get older. And it’s very common to get moles until about the age of about 40 or so. Moles also increase in number and become darker during pregnancy and during hormonal changes. But moles tend to develop over time, predominantly due to cumulative UV exposure over the years.

Surgical removal normally was quite straightforward. It’s usually done under local anaesthetic, so you are usually awake for the procedure. An injection goes into the skin to make it numb and we remove the mole. Sometimes stitches are used, but sometimes they don’t need to be. And then you have a dressing on and you just need to keep it dry for a day or two. And then you can resume activities, normal activities, after that, normally.

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