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Waxing is a form of semi-permanent hair removal which removes the hair from the root and is a popular treatment for both men and women.

At the clinic, we use warm wax for all waxing treatments. Warm wax is a cream wax which is spread thinly over the skin. A paper strip is then pressed on the top and ripped off with a quick movement against the direction of hair growth. The therapist uses warm tea tree wax which is gentle on the skin and helps to prevent ingrown hairs. The essential oils used in tea tree wax are derived from melaleuca leaves. Such extracts have been used for centuries for the treatment of skin conditions, such as acne, wounds, and fungal infections. Tea tree oil is a natural antiseptic and is used to prevent irritation. This wax is thought to penetrate hair follicles so that the removal process is quicker and easier.

We offer Hot Wax for areas such as Underarms, Bikini line, Hollywood and Brazilian. Hot Wax is a slightly higher temperature than normal warm wax, Hot Wax makes shorter and more stubborn hairs easier to remove and can be a much more comfortable way of removing intimate hair.

Advantages of Waxing

New hair will be slower to grow back in the previously waxed area, and can take anything from two to eight weeks.

Hair is removed directly from the root so it takes longer time for hair to grow again
and results can last anywhere between 3-8 weeks.

There are no harsh chemicals are present in wax, so, the skin is saved from their damaging effect. The hair that grows after waxing is fine and softer.

Skin is also exfoliated, smoothed and rejuvenated because waxing removes a layer of dead cells from the surface of the skin. Repeated sessions of waxing results in a much sparser hair growth, and hair growth may even stop.

Pre Waxing

  • Do not shave the area before waxing. The hair should be about 5mm long to enable the wax to remove the hair.
  • Trimming down the longer hair makes treatment less painful especially on the bikini line.
  • The skin should be healthy i.e. no rashes, sunburn.
  • Have a bath before having a wax to open your hair follicles and make the process easier but don’t have a bath for at least 24 hours after a wax, a shower will be ok though
  • Don’t book a waxing appointment the week after your period as you’ll be extra sensitive
  • Wear loose clothing when going for your wax to make you more comfortable afterwards
  • Exfoliate the desired area regularly – you’ll achieve better results when waxed

After Care

  • Post treatment, a cooling antiseptic cream is applied by the therapist
  • We recommend avoiding heat treatments (e.g. sauna, sunbed, jacuzzi, workout or swim) for 24 hours after waxing and that you avoid using deodorants for 24 hours after underarm waxing as the skin will be sensitive and could lead to skin infections or irritation
  • Try to avoid using products on your skin once you have had a wax as the skin will be extra sensitive
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Treatment Cost
Upperlip £8
Upperlip with Hot Wax £10
Chin £8
Chin with Hot Wax £10
Eyebrows £10
Eyebrows with Hot Wax £12
Full Face £25
Full Face with Hot Wax £28
Underarms £12
Underarms with Hot Wax £15
Forearm £16
Full Arms £20
Chest £25
Stomach £15
Back £25
Back and Shoulders £30
Half Leg £18
Full Leg £25
Buttocks £15
Bikini Line £15
Bikini Line with Hot Wax £18
Brazilian £25
Brazilian with Hot Wax £30
Hollywood £35
Hollywood with Hot Wax £38
Extended Brazilian Wax £30
Extended Brazilian with Hot Wax £35